All Books By Helen Cooper

20 Jan

All Available Books By Helen Cooper


A Baby For The Millionaire

Jenny is a recent college grad who one night drunkenly applies for a job she is not qualified for with a fabricated resume. When she gets the job, she decides to see if she can play it off and due to a mistaken identity finds herself in the CEO’s office.

Hamilton Verona is rich and handsome and is not looking for any trouble but when Jenny walks into his office, he finds himself propositioning her for a position that could change her life.

A position that could would find her doing things she had never ever dreamed of.

‘A Baby For The Millionaire’ series is romantic and naughty. If you enjoy your romance with some spice, you will love this book! This is an erotic romance novella.

The Billionaire’s Unlikely Bride

Elle is single and living in the City with her best friend Brittany. Brittany has a plan to have them both married off to billionaires and Elle can’t help but go along.

Peter Branford is the young billionaire that Brittany wants Elle to fall in love with but there are a couple of people who don’t want to see that happen: Olivia, Peter’s icy mother and Elliott Rosewood, Brittany’s dad and a figure from Elle’s past.

The Billionaire’s Baby

Sophie has been in love with her best friend Ella’s brother, Billionaire Maxwell Van Harkel, for years. When she goes to spend the winter holiday with the family in their country home Sophie is excited to see if she could possibly have a connection with Max.

However Maxwell has turned into a Dr. Jekkyl and Mr. Hyde character. Some days he is great and other days he treats her like she doesn’t exist. When Sophie lies to get her own way, she triggers a domino effect and she doesn’t know if her life will ever be the same. For while Sophie loves Maxwell, he is hiding a deep dark secret that will threaten to destroy everything she has ever felt for him.

A Boyfriend For Christmas

Brynn just wants her luck to change. She wants to find a job, get a boyfriend and have her best friend move out. She and her best friend Barb make a wish that they will get boyfriends for Christmas.

Just when she thinks her luck is changing she gets into a car accident with her sister’s ex-boyfriend Daz.

Daz was her high school crush and a jerk and Brynn is annoyed at herself for feeling butterflies as they argue. She decides to put him out of her mind and focus on a relationship with her new boss Doug.

Only things never seem to go as planned for Brynn. She has a crazy encounter at the holiday party that threatens to ruin her friendship with Barb. Add to that craziness her sister shows up looking like a stripper and Barb’s kids are about to puke from too much cake.

Brynn’s not sure what’s going to happen next but she may just get her Christmas wish after-all.

The Professor and The Nanny

Nelly is a recent college graduate who is working for her former professor Bradley Benford as a nanny. The sparks fly as they grow closer together and Nelly begins to hope that she will get to know Bradley as more than a professor or a boss.

The Accidental Stripper

Jenny is a college girl who decides to help out her best friend Katie by subbing for her one night at a strip club. While Jenny had no clue what she was in for at the club, she did have the time of her life.

The Millionaire’s Games

Louise goes to spend the weekend in ‘The Hamptons’ with the Beekman brothers: Ben, David and Richard. She ends up spending the night with one of them and finds herself falling for the wrong brother.

As secrets keep getting revealed, Louise doesn’t know how much she can take and she doesn’t know how to say no to the man who turns on her heart and destroys her soul.

The Professor’s Student

Abby has a wild night out and ends up hooking up with the person who can make her life the most difficult.

Professor Carson O’Brien wants Abby and he is willing to do anything to get her and keep her in his bed. Little do Abby and Carson know but there is someone out there who will do anything to make sure they are not together

The Millionaire’s Assistant

Oliver Park is a top Hollywood actor. He has it all: fame, looks and money. But he is also a dark, closed figure who doesn’t let anyone get too close.

Alice has been a huge fan of Oliver’s forever and jumps at the chance to work at him. And then she realize’s he wants a special assistant who will be available to him both inside and outside of the office. She accepts the position but as she learns more about the rules she doesn’t know if she can keep up with everything.

And then Oliver does the one thing that makes her question everything and Alice doesn’t know if she will ever be able to look at Oliver the same way again.

The Millionaire’s Lover

Becky went to go and work for millionaire Connor Dade because she wanted to ruin him for making her lose her bookstore. She didn’t think she would fall for him or become his lover and the closer she comes to getting the ultimate revenge, the harder it is for her to let him go.

What will Becky decide to do and will Conor turn the tables on her?

How To Catch A Billionaire

Sarah Smith is a recent college grad with dreams to be a big time actress. The only problem is, she can’t find an acting job anywhere. So she decides to accept a job at Zoom Corp and uses her acting position to get an executive position.

Sarah thinks she has hit the big time until she meets CEO Harry Green, the only problem is she doesn’t realize he is the CEO and makes a fool of herself. It’s not long before she’s out of a job and into Harry’s bed.

Before long Sarah finds herself falling in love but Harry lets her know in no uncertain terms that he doesn’t play for keeps. So Sarah decides to see if she can figure out how to catch a billionaire with the help of her best friend Jane.

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