“No Words Left To Say”- The Billionaire’s Baby (Book 3) UPDATE

10 Dec


Maxwell Van Harkel and Sophie are the main characters in ‘The Billionaire’s Baby’ series. And readers want to know, what’s Maxwell’s deal? Is he a jerk? Or the most awesome man that ever lived? When will we find out the answers to all the secrets? When will ‘No Words Left To Say’ be available??

I want all my readers to know that I am working on “No Words Left To Say” as we speak. Maxwell Van Harkel is a complicated man and I want readers to see him in all his glory, bad sides and all. I also feel that Maxwell and Sophie deserve a storyline completion that is less rushed than most of my short story/novellas.

I want to make sure that when people read this book they are satisfied with the ending and the pace of the book. I want people to fall in love with Maxwell as much as Sophie has! “No Words Left To Say” should be released on December 17th, 2012. Don’t forget you can sign up for my email list to get an email as soon as the book is available or you can like my Facebook page and be notified there.

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