Four Free Books On Sale This Weekend

24 Nov

To get my holiday giveaway started I have decided to offer 4 free books to current and new readers and a nice hunky photo of Bradley Cooper (call me). While I can guarantee that the following 4 books will be FREE on Saturday and Sunday, I can not guarantee that Bradley Cooper will be knocking on your door anytime soon.


1. The Wrong Bed– (Book 1 in ‘The Millionaire’s Games‘)

The rest of the books in the series are ‘The Deal‘ and ‘The Choice‘.

2. A Baby For The Millionaire- Book 2 (You should really read book 1 first)

3. For Love or For Revenge- Book 2 (Same as above. You should read book 1 first)

4. The Classroom– (Book 2 in ‘The Professor’s Student series)

If you enjoyed any of my books, feel free to check out all of my books and see if any of them interest you as well.


Also, check out my Giveaway here. I am giving away different prizes to all of my fabulous readers and it is very easy to enter!!

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