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The Words He Didn’t Want To Hear (The Billionaire’s Baby) Book 2 Update

30 Nov

I wanted to let my readers know that ‘The Words He Didn’t Want To Hear’ (The Billionaire’s Baby) Book 2 is scheduled for a Sunday or Monday release date (dependent on how slow Amazon’s publishing time is). The book was originally scheduled to come out on Saturday but I wanted to make sure that everything was perfect in this book because the characters Sophie and Maxwell deserve to be fleshed out as much as possible for a novella.

Here is a preview of the cover for the book. I hope you like it.



Win a $10 Gift card

27 Nov

I am soo close to 100 likes on Facebook that I can almost taste them. I have decided to have a little fun giveaway today if I reach 100 likes on Facebook by the end of the day.

Yes. You read that right. If you haven’t already liked my page, go ahead and like it here. The go ahead and like this post here.

If I hit 100 likes by the end of the day, one of the people who liked that post will be randomly chosen to win a $10 Amazon gift card!!!

Four Free Books On Sale This Weekend

24 Nov

To get my holiday giveaway started I have decided to offer 4 free books to current and new readers and a nice hunky photo of Bradley Cooper (call me). While I can guarantee that the following 4 books will be FREE on Saturday and Sunday, I can not guarantee that Bradley Cooper will be knocking on your door anytime soon.


1. The Wrong Bed– (Book 1 in ‘The Millionaire’s Games‘)

The rest of the books in the series are ‘The Deal‘ and ‘The Choice‘.

2. A Baby For The Millionaire- Book 2 (You should really read book 1 first)

3. For Love or For Revenge- Book 2 (Same as above. You should read book 1 first)

4. The Classroom– (Book 2 in ‘The Professor’s Student series)

If you enjoyed any of my books, feel free to check out all of my books and see if any of them interest you as well.


Also, check out my Giveaway here. I am giving away different prizes to all of my fabulous readers and it is very easy to enter!!

Holiday Giveaway

24 Nov

I have some really wonderful readers. And because I want to thank you all this holiday season, I have decided to have a giveaway!! Yay! Now there are a few rules to qualify for the giveaway but I won’t make them too hard!! First let’s discuss the prizes!!

3 people will win fabulous prizes:

Prize #1- $25 Amazon Giftcard

Prize #2- $10 Amazon Giftcard

Prize #3- $5 Amazon Giftcard

If I get over 200 Facebook likes on my page by December 17th 2012, I will add 2 more prizes to the mix (2 more $5 Amazon Giftcards).

How to enter:

1. Like my Facebook page here

2. Join my mailing list so you can hear about my new books here

3. Leave a comment below and tell me which of my series was your favorite and why (leave your first name so I can match it up with the names in my mailing list).

4. Email me at to let me know you have completed steps 1-3.

The boring stuff- Terms and Conditions

This holiday giveaway will last from November 24th-December 17th. Winners will be chosen at random (names in a hat). There is no guarantee that you will win and buying one of my books is not a guarantee of a win. I am also not responsible for anything that gets lost in the mail (I will also give you the option to have giftcard codes emailed).


I will announce the winners and email them (via the email address on the mailing list) on December 18th. Please respond within 24 hours to get your giftcard code. If I do not get a response in 24 hours, I will choose another winner for your prize.

Yay. Happy Holidays Everyone. If you have any questions for me email me at

New Book Available: The Words He Wanted To Hear- ‘The Billionaire’s Baby’- Book 1

23 Nov

‘The Words He Wanted To Hear,’ which is the first book in ‘The Billionaire’s Baby’ series is now available on Amazon. You can purchase it here for $0.99.

The book tells the story of Sophie, a girl who has been in love with her best friends brother for years. Maxwell Van Harkel is rich, handsome and doesn’t know she exists. But Sophie is determined to have her way with him; even going so far as to lie to him.

What she doesn’t know is that Maxwell Van Harkel has a darkside and she has just unleashed it. Sophie doesn’t know that she has just unleashed the dragon from his den!

Check out ‘The Words He Wanted To Hear’ here if you are interested in reading it!


New Book: The Words He Wanted To Hear- ‘The Billionaire’s Baby’- Book 1

22 Nov


I have finished book 1 of ‘The Billionaire’s Baby’ series. It is titled ‘The Words He Wanted To Hear’ and it has been submitted to Amazon for publishing. Hopefully it will be available on Amazon by Friday November 23rd.

This is a book about a girl, Sophie, who is in love with her best friends brother Maxwell but finds out he is a lot darker than she thought him to be. Maxwell and Sophie have great chemistry and great sex but there is something about him that she doesn’t know!

This book is erotic romance but there is a lot more build-up to the sex than in some of my books. I really wanted to develop a back story and some context to their relationship. I hope my readers enjoy the book!

I’ll post a link when it is live on Amazon! 🙂


Happy Thanksgiving

22 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving to all the wonderful readers in the world.

I hope that everyone has something to be thankful for on this day and my prayers go out to all those who feel empty.