FREE TODAY- ‘The Bet’- Book 1 in ‘The Professor’s Student’

21 Oct

The Bet‘ which is the first book in ‘The Professor’s Student’ Series is free today. Here is a preview for Sample Sunday.


It was the weekend before they were going back to University and Abby and Essie were going to make sure that they made the most of it.

“Do you think we’re going to be the oldest one’s in the class again?” Essie questioned Abby as they picked up outfits to wear for their night out.

“Of course, when are we not?” Abby grinned at Essie and looked through her wardrobe. It was true, Abby and Essie at 24 years old, were among the oldest seniors in the school.

“Why did we choose to go to a small liberal arts college again?” Essie sighed as she decided on a short red dress. She knew it looked spectacular next to her jet-black hair and tanned skin.

“Because it was free.” Abby laughed. Both Essie and she had worked at the school for a few years as secretaries and had received scholarships to finally get their degree.

“Argh, yeah. True.” Essie laughed along with her. “So tell me you are not wearing that drab flowery dress Abby, please, please.”

“You know it’s my favorite.”

“We are going clubbing Abby, not to a Church fair. Come on.”

Abby sighed. “I don’t know what to wear then. I don’t really have club clothes.”

“You are so lucky we are roommates know Abby. You can borrow one of my outfits.”

Abby groaned. “Omg, I’m going to look like a slut.”

“Are you saying I look like a slut Ab’s?”

“No.  Yes. Sometimes.” Abby laughed as she spoke and groaned as she saw the black dress Essie handed her. “Omg, you cannot be serious Essie?” The dress was made of Lycra, was strapless and so short that she was scared it would barely cover her ass. “There is no way I can wear this dress.”

“Come on Abby, let’s live a little for once.” Essie pleaded with Abby and Abby knew that she was just talking about her. Abby had always been the good girl. She left high school and got a job to help her family and now she was focused 100% on her studies.

“Please Abby.”

“Argh, okay. Just this once.” Abby laughed as Essie grabbed her arms and danced around the room with her.

“This is going to be an epic night.”

“We’ll see.”

Essie groaned. “Come on Abby. Let’s have some fun tonight. Go buck wild.”

“I don’t know if I’m able to go buck wild.”

“Let’s make this interesting Abby.”

“Uh, oh. What do you want me to do?”

“I bet you $100 that you can’t be wilder than me tonight.” Essie grinned at her.

“Why would I take that bet? You will obviously win.”

“How badly do you want $100?”

Abby sighed. Essie knew that between paying rent, buying books and helping her family Abby was broke as could be. That was why Essie had moved in with her to be roommates, to help save costs. $100 would really go a long way.

“Okay, you’re on.”

If you enjoyed this excerpt, you can the rest of this book for free today. YES, it is a kindle freebie right now.Get the free ebook here.

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